Everyone should be able to enjoy golf in a safe environment.
We all have a responsibility to protect and safeguard children and adults at risk.

If you have any concerns about the welfare of a child in golf, or outside the sport, or concerns about the behaviour or practice of a coach or organiser, or anyone else involved in the sport, talk to the club secretary or England Golf governance team on 01526 351824 or email

If you have immediate concerns about the welfare of any child or adult, contact the police on 101 or ring the NSPCC 24-hour free helpline on 0808 800 5000.

Concerns might include:

* Bullying of children by their peers or by adults
* Individuals exploiting their position to gain access to children
* Placing unrealistic performance expectations on children
* Lacking awareness of the needs for safeguarding

Respect In Golf

We are pleased to announce that England Golf has confirmed that Saddleworth Golf Club has met the criteria to be awarded their “Respect in Golf” status.

The Respect strategy has been designed to encourage inclusivity and to reinforce the message that there is no place in golf for any form of discrimination.

England Golf has acknowledged that our Equality & Diversity Policy and our Disciplinary Regulations, together with our SafeGolf procedures, meet the standard required for affiliation.

You will find copies of these policies and procedures below.

Kind regards

Kath (Oldham)
Equality Champion